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We help people buy & sell homes, investment properties and businesses in the Bronx & Westchester, including the entire State of NY. That could mean helping you get the best price, or guiding you towards the home or business of your dreams as well. Either way, our priority is to make the process as enjoyable and stress free for you as possible.

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We can't and don't make decisions for anyone, and won't for you. We will present you with all our options so that you can make the best decision for yourself and your family.

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​​Pre-Approval goes a step further than Pre-Qualifying. Pre-Approval means the lender has contacted the borrower's employer, bank and other places to verify all claims of earnings and assets. In return, the borrower receives a letter stating that he or she has a mortgage approval for a particular amount.

Since you already qualify for financing, Pre-Approval can speed up and improve your chances of reaching an agreement on the purchase price with the seller. The only cost for Pre-Approval may be the lenders cost of obtaining your credit report. With a Pre-Approval, you're going to have more leverage when you make an offer.

You can say, "I've got a loan approved already that's sufficient to purchase this home, investment property or business," and that makes you more attractive to a potential seller.